A Glockstar is Born01:34

A Glockstar is Born

A Glockstar is Born

Lulu is standing on the deck of his airship with the wind blowing on him in his Glockstar outfit. We then see the airship nearing Vykker's Labs, Mudokons below are holding out their hands trying to make it out.

We then switch back to Lulu, he is staring open-mouthed at a group of Intern Guards which are guarding the entrance into Vykker's Labs, a neon sign lights up with his head on it with "WELCOME LULU" above it. Lulu is smiling at this, he never thought he would get this high up in the Magog Cartel. The Interns don't look bothered although one of them rolls his eyes at him in annoyance wanting him to hurry up with his awe struck gaze and another shakes his head in contempt. So the Interns then escort Lulu into Vykker's Labs.

We then see Abe and Munch sneaking near them. As the last guard is about to go through, Munch trips and Abe gets him out of sight as the Intern turns to see what it was, he then continues into Vykker's Labs with Abe and Munch sneaking in. Munch is slower, so he slides in before the door closes.

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