Oddworld Abe's Exoddus - Bad Ending

Oddworld Abe's Exoddus - Bad Ending

Boiler Room:

A flock of Birds joins together and Abe appears when they combine. He drops down to find his Mudokon comrades who he travelled with across a desert blocking his route to the boiler engine.

Mudokon 1#: You! Your not going anywhere Stitch-Lips!

Mudokon 2#: You! You Didn't save our Buddies!

From behind Abe Mudokon 3# grabs a Soulstorm Brew Bottle.

Abe: But guys it was hard...

Abe is wacked from behind by Mudokon 3#.

Mudokon 3#: And you ain't gettin' away with it.

Mudokon 3# kicks Abe on the floor as Abe goes unconscious.

Abe awakes attached to a Machine hanging upside. The Brewmaster Glukkon and his fellow Guard Slig are staring up at him.

Abe: No! No! No! No! No! Please No!

The Camera pans over to the Glukkon and his Slig guard.

Brewmaster: It is a thing of beauty (Fake Pitiful Tone). (Changes to an Evil yet happy voice) This will be our finnest brew ever!!! (Chuckles).

Slig Guard: You think we got enough boss?

Brewmaster: What the hey, Let us go for the record. Pump it up!!!

Camera pans to Abe.


Slig Guard: I'm on it.

The slig pulls a lever. Abe screams as he is shock with masses of electricity from the machine. As his flesh begins to vanish in the ray of blue light he separates into a dozen birds that fly off in all directions.

Brewmaster: Wha...?!

Slig Guard: Sorry boss. (Shields his head preparing to be screamed at)

The Brewmaster turns to his guard Slig and then starts to chuckle. The Slig begins to chuckle. Then the chuckles turn into evil laughter and the screen blackens.