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Abe falls off a ledge to another ledge, he looks like he has just evaded Sligs and their Slogs that he had to evade or destroy to be free of RuptureFarms in the surronding wasteland.

Abe: I had just got past those Slogs, when the strangest thing I saw, a big moon was before me...

Abe is facing a moon with a Mudokon hand print on it

Abe: ...and it's face...

Abe is confused, he holds up his hand to the hand print, it fits perfectly.

Abe: ...was my paw...then I fell...down a cliff...

Abe fall off the crumbling ledge and falls down the cliff and lands from a height which kills his species.

Abe: ...and smashed my head, when some Big Face appeared...

Abe is now in a bright light, then a Mudokon wearing a large mask covering his real head from the front appears out of it (similar to some African masks on Earth), a shaman type, he raises Abe making him hover above the ground, he continuously makes an ouroboros symbol near Abe performing some kind of resurrection ritual.

Abe: ...and said I was dead, he said the land was changing, was imbalanced at best, he told me my fate was to rescue the rest...

We see the current footage with Paramites in Paramonia moving about freely and then Scrabs moving about freely in Scrabania.

Abe: ...for Paramites and Scrabs had been sacred once, but that was before RuptureFarms turned them into lunch...

Abe wakes up and sees the Ouroboros symbol near him, he then looks around and sees something he can't explain

Abe: ...they live in the temples and that's where they still nest and facing these creatures...

Abe runs to an Ancient Mudokon structure with two giant Mudokon statues at the entrance.

Abe: ...That was my test.

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