(Munch walks into the Poop Chute as the door behind him closes).

Meanwhile, Abe and Crew arrive at the Big Well

(Upon arriving at the Big Well, Abe starts to feel nervous).

Abe: I'm not so sure about this.

Alf: C'mon Abe. You wanna get that Gabbit and save your brothers or not?

Abe: Yeah, but (looking up at Vykker's Labs), Don't you think that's way too high?

(Camera focuses on the other Mudokons behind)

Mudokon #1: Looks fine to us.

(Turns back to Abe and Alf).

Alf: Piece of cake Abe. You've just gotta jump in.

(Zooms down into the Big Well)

Abe: But that's a kind of a scary well.

(Camera refocuses on Alf)

Alf: Nothing we all can't handle. C'mon Abe, we're right behind ya.

(The Mudokons behind agree).

Abe: You Promise?

Alf: Promise Abe. Now go before it's too late.

(Abe gulps).

Abe: Ok. Here it goes.

(Before Abe can jump in, he is pushed in by Alf, which then launches him up to Vykker's Labs).

Alf: Woah... That's too high for me.

(He and the other Mudokons run off. As Abe is being fired up, he smacks into a pole hanging outside. He grabs on and reluctantly smiles).

Back at the Poop Chute

(As a Buzzer Sounds, Munch hops forward. Suddenly the room begins to shake and the floor beneath Munch opens and he falls through. He falls into Abe and the two fall down to the forest below).

(We see Ratz on the floor as Abe and Munch land unconscious. The Mudokons that were with Abe previously walk up).

Alf: Woah that was quick. You think maybe we should help em back to the Raisin?

Other Mudokons: Um... Nah.

(They dash off).

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