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The Armored Slig is a unique, heavier rank of Slig seen only once in Munch's Oddysee. Being of the highest rank of sligs before that of a Big-Bro, it is a guard for the Flubco scrub pens.


Bearing extreme similarities to standard armored sligs, it is actually quite different. That meaning their armor is extremely similar, but offers the protection of that like standard Big-Bro Sligs, as well as wielding a fully-automatic weapon with a rate of fire as fast as (if not faster than) the undisputed Blitz-packer.

This Slig is positioned at a voice lock. The player must possess him and use any game speak button to get the door open. There is then a series of spawners/regenerators located behind the the door, which spawn more armoured sligs. These ones, however, are wearing a slightly weaker armor.

Munch's OddyseeEdit


Armored Slig

First encountered in the level, Fuel Fields, these Sligs were brought in to defend the entrance to Magog Motors. Abe can use Tomahawkers or Mudarchers to fight these sligs effectively.

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