The bird portal leads Abe to two Mudokons.

Oddworld Abe's Exoddus - Bad Ending01:05

Oddworld Abe's Exoddus - Bad Ending

Mudokon 1: You! You're not going anywhere, Stitch-Lips!

Mudokon 2: You! You didn't save our buddys!

Abe: But, guys it was hard-

Mudokon 3 hits Abe with a Soulstorm Brew bottle over the head.

Mudokon 3: And you ain't getting away with it!

Abe later wakes up hanged in a Tear Extractor as he wines while the Brewmaster and a Slig watch him.

Brewmaster: It is a thing of beauty! This will be our finest brew EVER!

Slig: Ya think we've got enough boss?

Brewmaster: What the hey! Let us go for the record! PUMP IT UUUUUUP!

Abe: NO!!!

Slig: I'm on it!

Abe screams wildly in pain till he transforms into birds.

Brewmaster: What?!?

Slig: Oops! Sorry boss!

The Brewmaster, originally distraught, turns to the Slig and begins laughing maniacally as the Slig joins him in his laughter.

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