Abe's Oddysee - Bad Ending

Abe's Oddysee - Bad Ending

Three Mudokons are standing by the fire, conversing with Big Face.

Big Face: But it's Abe.

Mudokon #1: He didn't help us!

Mudokon #2: Did you see him?

Mudokon #3: Yeah, he didn't do much.

Big Face: But Abe, he's one of us!

Mudokon #2: He wasn't really that good.

Mudokon #1: He shot us!

Big Face: Well, what do you think?

Mudokon #1: He was a schmuck!

Big Face: How about you?

Mudokon #2: I don't get it!

Cuts to Abe hanging from his doomed fate, struggling, as the Slig prepares to pull the lever.

Slig: Now, boss?

Abe: No, guys, no don't...

Molluck: Do it.

Cuts back and zooms in on an angry Mudokon.

Mudokon #3: LET EM!

Cuts back to Abe, as the Slig pulls the lever, sending Abe plummeting to his death. Molluck and the Slig laugh as Abe is ground up.