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Barrel Ride is the second cutscene in Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.

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Transcript Edit

Abe rolls away from the Zulag that he was in previously and ends up falling into a barrel filled with meat on a conveeyer belt, he stands up and shakes the meat off his face, only his head pokes out of the barrel.

Abe (speaking): ugh, yuk.

He looks around and his head collides with a metal pipe knocking him unconscious and just as well as two armed sligs are talking with each other laughing as the barrel moves away from them, Abe wakes up when the coast is clear, realising that he needs to get off the conveyer belt, he rocks the barrel back and forth until it tips him (and the meat inside it) off the conveyer belt and outside the main part of the complex with Abe screaming as he falls.

Abe (speaking): whoh, ahhhh!

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