Soldier-class Big Bro Slig

Moving guy

The armored type

Big bro
When business is going bad, slaves are escaping left and right, and Sligs are slacking off more than usual, Glukkons call for these brutes to enforce the rules. These are the Big Bro Sligs. These hulking giants are much larger than the average Slig due to being pumped up with steroids. However, since they're much bigger than usual, the two legged robotic pants aren't enough. They get custom-made heavy duty four-legged pants to help support their giant bodies. These Sligs also carry night vision goggles. They typically use Blitz packers, the most powerful perniciously designed industrial firearm on Oddworld. Even though they don’t wield firearms, they are still powerful enough to mash trespassers and violators into paste with their fists. Due to the growth hormones and testosterone they also have deeper voices and longer necks when compared to normal Sligs. Even though they're trained to be more focused, they still act like usual Sligs: smoking, gambling and often sleeping on the job. Big Bro Sligs live for around 21 Oddworld years, unless they are killed at work.



  • Faction: Industrial
  • Class: High
  • Family: Unknown
  • Homeland: Unknown
  • Role: Military/Armed Forces/Soldier-class
  • Conservation Status: Most Concern


  • Combo Night Vision Goggles and Gas Mask
  • Built-in leg lights
  • Wrist worn tactical devices
  • Blitz Packer gatling-Gun


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