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A group of Blind Mudokons working in the Necrum Mines

Blind Mudokons are Mudokon slaves that have been blinded by the Glukkons by having their eyes sewn shut. They are exclusive to Abe's Exoddus.

Background Edit

At one point in the life of certain enslaved Mudokons, they may have their eyes sewn shut by the Glukkons for various unknown reasons ranging from attempts to escape to plain disgust of the Mudokon. Blind Mudokons were generally assigned to work in the Necrum Mines since they would not require their eyesight to see or know what they were excavating.

Debut in Abe's Exoddus Edit

The Blind Mudokons make their first debut in the second cutscene of Abe's Exoddus in the Necrum Mines and later interacted with in Tunnel Three of the mine.

Gameplay Edit

Blind Mudokons cannot see and tend to wander aimlessly into death traps(i.e. Trip Mines, Motion Detectors, etc.). They can be identified by their distinct pale skin tone.

Tips Edit

Below are some tips for when dealing with a Blind Mudokon.

  • If you tell one to follow you, he will continue to walk aimlessly into the direction of your voice unless you tell him to wait.
  • The Work command does not function as a substitute for the Wait command. Thus, he will continue to walk in the direction he heard the Follow command.
  • Never tell them to follow you if you have not yet cleared the path of fatal obstacles.
  • To avoid having them shot by Sligs, quickly tell the Blind Mudokon to Wait then Work.
  • Be observant. Always keep an eye out for holes or cliffs. Blind Mudokons have a tendency to fall to their death if not kept updated on their surroundings.
  • Keep Blind Mudokons clear of Mine car tracks. They WILL get run over if not moved off the tracks.

Trivia Edit

  • Alf has claimed that the blind Mudokon who hammered his own hand while building his sign is now the village hammerer. The logic behind such a reassignment is up to debate. [1]

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