Boiler Room is the 18th level in Munch's Oddysee. The Shaman first tells Abe and Munch that the Sligs didn't think they'd break in, and have fallen asleep on the job, giving them a good chance to safely get through the level. At the bottom of the ladder where the duo start off leads to a closed door, but Abe can jump over to reach a lever on the other side to open it up for Munch, though Munch can use a Crane to drop Bonepowder Kegs onto the Sleeping Sligs, as well as remove some TNT Crates on the floor below. Nearby is an Invisible Vendo that only lasts a short time that Abe can use to sneak past some more Sleeping Sligs to reach a platform above where he can toss Bonepowder Kegs onto them (though again, Munch can take care of that with another Crane on that same platform). Then Abe can round up some Scrubs in the area to take them through a corridor to where there's a Big-Bro Slig that can be possessed to take out 2 other Big-Bro Sligs, as well as remove some TNT Crates to where there's some more Scrubs, as well as ones that cover up a Bounce Vendo that's surrounded by Land Mines (The Bird Portal for the Scrubs is right next to the ladder leading to the Currently Inactive Exit Pads). Abe can use that 4 Seconds lasting only Bounce Vendo to jump across the wall to where there's a Glukkon to donate his Moolah, though he'll first need 20 Spooce to enter. Once taken care of, the Exit Pads will activate, and Abe and Munch can head on over to the next level.

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