Bonewerkz is the seventh level in Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus.

Summary Edit

Abe travels to Bonewerkz to unlock one of the main gates to SoulStorm Brewery.

Walkthrough Edit

After you exit the train area, avoid the boulder and jump across to pull the lever. Get the lift down and jump to the platform above, avoiding the boulder and the mine. Get down and run the the platform. Pull the lever and jump onto the lift when the Slig is not watching. Go down and use the pad to open the door. Proceed through the door.

Annex 1 Edit

Sneak onto the platform above and go to the dark area. Wait for the Sligs to leave, then go across the platform. A secret area can be seen on the side. To access it, go through the door that is at the end of the platform. Teleport down and avoid the Slig. When he is not watching, you can jump to the other teleporter and go to the secret area.

Secret Area 1:

Quickly jump onto the teleporter and use it. Run onto the platform as soon as you teleport back and use the other one. Quickly run to your right and fall onto the pressure plate. You will be then teleported on the platfrom above. Quickly run to the other platform and go over the pressure plate. That will get you behind the platforms. Possess a Slig. If it is the top one, kill him. Have the bottom one teleport from the one on the side. With him, go to the right and have him kill the top Slig, as well the one on the bottom platform. Go back and get the Mudokons to follow you by saying "Sorry". Rescue them through the portal. Exit through the well.

When the Sligs are not near you, pull the lever. As soon as you do, the alarm will go off. The Sligs will run to your location. Run towards the right side to avoid them. After you are safer, drop down and get the Mudokon to follow you. Go to the left and have him work the lever. Pull the one on the other side to kill the Sligs. Save the Mudokon. Go to the right and run to avoid the Slog. Run until you reach the platform. Get some meat and kill the Slog, by throwing the meat at the boulder's hit point. If you roll towards the wall where the boulder is falling to, you can access a secret area.

Secret Area 2:

Jump across and pull the lever. Save the Mudokons.

Climb up and go to the platform's end. Pull the lever and get to the lift. Go up and enter the door.

Annex 2 Edit

Use the teleporter and sneak into the door. Avoid the drills and get some meat. Exit through the door. Sneak past the Slog and take some cover to get to the door.

Annex 3 Edit

Get to the door and sneak to the right. Avoid the mines and the lasers and continue to the right. After you get past them, sneak into the mine car. Get to the top and kill the Sligs. Continue going up. After you reach the top, exit through the door.

Annex 4 Edit

Go to the right and climb up. Get some cover and go to the far left to possess the Slig. Use the teleporter and kill the other Sligs. Have him go to the far right and pull all the levers. Get to where the electric fields are and go through the door.

Annex 5 Edit

Get into the other door when the flying Slig is away. Avoid the mines and the Slig. Reach the door at the end.

Annex 6 Edit

Roll into the left side and pull the lever. Get back and climb up. Jump across and get to the end. Jump over the pressure plate and then run back, stepping over it. Jump across and let the Slogs fall down. Climb up and go to where the Slogs where. Enter the door. Use the well to continue.

Annex 7 Edit

Climb up and pull the lever. Get to the other ones and pull them as well. Drop down and pass through the electric fields. Get up and climb up to get to the lever, avoiding the boulders. Pull it and then get some meat. Get to where the Mudokon is and by timing it correctly, have him run with you down. Go to the right side and leave him onto the platform. Climb back up and go through the now unlocked platform. Pull the lever and get the two Mudokons down. Have them follow you through the boulder hit point and get them to where the other Mudokon is. Get them down and them pull the lever above you. Then pull the other lever and get the Mudokons to you. Get back up and go to the side where the locked platform is. Climb down and pull the lever. Get onto the lift and get the rest of the Mudokons who are down. A secret area can be found down there. You can access it by running and jumping down, when you are exactly at the edge. You will fall into the well and the drop into the other.

Secret Area 3:

After you land, go the the left side and quickly climb up and jump across when the Slig is not watching. Pull the lever and then get down to save the Mudokon by pulling the lift up. Get the Mudokon back and save him. The drills will then activate. Avoid them and exit.

Save the Mudokons to get the Shrykull ring. Go back up and use your power to blow up the mines. Get to where the locked platform used to be and go through it. Save the Mudokons and go through the door.

Annex 8 Edit

Get to the door at the end. Then, go right and climb up to the top. Unlock the platform by using the pad. Climb back down, avoiding the drills. Then get to the platform across and start getting inside each boiler room.

Boiler 1 Edit

Run from the Slogs and climb up. Avoid the drill and then get the Slogs killed. Jump back down and then go to the right. Climb up and turn the wheel until the meter is empty. Then pull the handle and get into the door.

Boiler 2 Edit

Get some meat and blow up the mines. Climb up and blow up the rest of them. Jump across, without getting hit by the boulder. Blow up the rest of the mines, then go right. Clear the next area. While you are on the bottom platform, you can drop down to enter a secret area.

Secret Area 4:

Get the Mudokons down and chant to save them.

Climb up after you have cleared the area. Blow up the mines and turn the wheel until the meter is empty. Then exit through the door.

Boiler 3 & 4 Edit

Sneak past the Slogs and climb up. Turn the first wheel until the meter is empty. Get back down and lure the Slogs down. Climb up and avoid the boulders! Get into the door and turn the wheel until the meter is empty. Exit through the door

Boiler 5 Edit

Go to your right and turn the wheel. As soon as you do, leave it and run to the well you saw before. Make sure the light on the wheel turned green before you run. When you land, run to your right, avoiding the Slogs and exit through the door.

Executive Office Edit

Roll past the drills and into the well. Jump down and run to your right. Roll past the lasers and climb the platform to avoid the Slig. Quickly jump back down and continue to your right. Climb up and use the well at the end. When you land, run to a platform and possess the Glukkon. Get a Slig to unlock the platform and go to the right with him. Get up and have him kill the Slog by yelling "Kill 'em!". Get down and use the teleporter. After you teleport. Have the Slig pull the lever and then have him kill all of the Slogs that come out. Be quick as drills makes its way towards you. After you kill them, get the lift down. Have the Slig then go up and yell for help. Get the Slig down and have him pull the lever. Then kill all of the Slogs that come out. After you kill them all, use the lift to get down. Have the Slig unlock the platform and start shooting the incoming Slogs. After they are dead, go to the right and use the "Security Fone".

Use the door and go towards the right. Avoid the drills and roll to the right. Pull the lever and kill the Slogs. Use the well to escape. Run to the right and save all of the Mudokons. Pull the lever and then exit through the door.

Afterwards, you will get back to FeeCo Depot.

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