Live Ammo is the arsenal of Stranger in Stranger's Wrath. Its made up of weapon-like wild animals that willingly cooperate with Stranger to be shot out of his crossbow.

There are three types of ammo:

  • Immobilization - These are the ammos used to deplete an enemy's stamina for the purpose of live bountying or crowd control. These include Stunkz, Bolamites, and their upgrades.
  • Damage-dealing - These ammos are used when one wants to deal damage to an enemy, generally for dead bounty. These include: Zappflies, Stingbees, Boombats, Thudslugs, Sniper Wasps, and their upgrades.
  • Trap/Lure - These ammos are used for setting traps and luring victims. These include Chippunks, Fuzzles, and their upgrades.

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