The Chill Pill is a sedative medication made by Vykkers Labs.


ODA Warning Edit

Chill Pill has been known to cause cramps, bloating, swelling of the joints, extreme diarrhea and in rare cases has actually worked.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the product is a reference to the slang term by the same name. The term Chill Pill is slang for relaxing or calming down.
  • An official website ad for Munch's Oddysee had the following amusing message: "Please advise your local game store operator before taking. If you have any problems taking Chill Pill, please dial our toll free customer service hotline at 888-411-0-555-1212. Our customer service staff might act like Telephone Operators but they're just kidding. Promise! Chill Pill Dosage is an 18,000mg time-release tablet. Please take with 4 or more gallons of water promptly before bed time."

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