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Faction Industrial
Class Unknown
Family Octigi
Homeland Mudos
Role Business/Politics
Conservation Status Unknown

Chroniclers are an industrial race on Oddworld. They act as lawyers and accountants. Although they have not yet appeared in any of the Oddworld games, their existence has been confirmed by Oddworld Inhabitants. They were expected to appear in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, but were ultimately absent from the final version.


According to a 1994 sketch by Steven Olds, Chroniclers are thin, yellow-skinned humanoids with four arms. They were originally meant to be a more evolved relative of the Glukkons, which were then called the 'Olders'. In Steven Olds' drawing, the Chronicler is shown with one leg; however, Oddworld Inhabitants has confirmed that they are actually bipedal. The Chronicler is shown with a staff and an attache case with two handles - most likely because the Chroniclers have two arms on either side of their body - and a combination lock of just two numbers on it. From what it looks like in the picture, the Chroniclers have two deep, red eyes with white pupils. The Chroniclers seem to dress mostly in black and red colors and wear capes, black boots and top hats. They also seem to like smoking, much like the Glukkons do; this is evidenced by the Chronicler smoking a cigarette in the illustration. They also have two tentacles hanging down from either side of it's mouth.


A Chronicler as it appeared in an image for Dear Alf 63 on 17/01/14.


The concept art by Steven Olds was posted to However, in March 2002, when was acquired by Yahoo, it was was lost. Later, the image was published in the book "The Art Of Oddworld Inhabitants: The First Ten Years". However a computer file version still hasn't been found.

Appearance In Munch's OddyseeEdit

The Chroniclers were fully expected to appear in Munch's Oddysee as a major lawyer role. However, it is speculated that when Oddworld Inhabitants decided to move Munch's Oddysee to the Xbox, it was one of several story elements that ended up on the cutting room floor. One of the storylines that was cut out was that Molluck The Glukkon, from Abe's Oddysee, was to return, having been found alive after surviving the destruction of Rupture Farms. However, because he lost two very big businesses - those being Rupture Farms and SoulStorm Brewery - he was to be put on trial by the Glukkon Queen, Lady Margaret. It is possible that the Chronicler would have filled the role of attorney, representing Molluck in the trial.

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