Cornjaws The Retired Sleg hunter was once the greatest Sleg hunter on the Mongo River. The old Clakker now lives in New Yolk City, and tries to forget about his last bad experience with the Giant purple Arsed Sleg. He is usually behind the General Store, begging for scraps of food. Cornjaws has perfected a flawless Sleg call used for hunting and teaches it to Stranger. According to the gossip from a few Clakkerz, he was once a bounty hunter but many complained that he was too slow, bringing in a bounty around two weeks after choosing one.



  • It's believed Cornjaws only bountied a never-before-seen bounty called Dinamite McGee. The only thing you can see about him is his bounty at the Bounty Store: make sure your screen is showing no bounties at all. then go to the Exit button, but don't click it. After you've done that, you can see his bounty, but there is no picture of him.