D. Caste Raider is an Outlaw that was tipped off by Sekto to capture and question Stranger when it was made apparent that he knew the whereabouts of a Steef. After Stranger completes the bounties in the Mongo River area, D. Caste ambushed him and forced him to reveal where the steef was. Stranger refused and struggled to get free from his bonds, accidentally dropping the surgery papers about his secret in the process. Raider then cut his pants off, revealing that Stranger is a Steef. Stranger is freed by the Grubb Natives and fights D. Caste, who is then burned and killed in his warehouse. It is said that in his wallet, he has a picture of his Sleg

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  • D. Caste Raider's name is a play on the word, Castrator.
  • In his Outlaw card he is shown holding a rifle, but in the game he wields a giant mallet.