Director Phleg is one of the high-ranking executive Glukkons of the SoulStorm Brewery and the owner and "head boner" of Bonewerkz, a huge dilapidated warehouse where excavated bones were sent to be processed into the raw ingredients for a variety of products, notably SoulStorm Brew.

Personality Edit

Phleg's wealth and position in the Magog Cartel are always his paramount concerns, and he is very verbose about his emotions. His neurosis prompts him at one point to break down crying while live on air in an interview with the Magog on the March, declaring his own crippling business and citing imminent doom for the entire industrial industry.

Appearance Edit

In Abe's Exoddus, he is wearing a simply-cut dark grey, almost black, suit with a black shirt and an executive pin, and a pair of black shoes. His skin colour is green and he has glowing, orange eyes and his bottom jaw protrudes much more than other Glukkons.

For his redesign in Oddworld: Soulstorm he is wearing a plain black shirt with an ornate collar and a Seal of the Grand Guild: Diggers Guild medal around his neck. His skin, like all other redesigned Glukkons, is a bleached, light marble grey colour. His face is more regular and much more smaller than his previous incarnation in Abe's Exoddus, also his bottom jaw no longer protrudes.

Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus Edit

A Glukkon which appears to be be Director Phleg is shown in a flashback handing out free SoulStorm Brew to Mudokons in the desert.

In the wake of Molluck the Glukkon's disappearance and the destruction of both RuptureFarms and Necrum Mines, Phleg meets with Vice President Aslik and General Dripik in the boardroom of SoulStorm Brewery to discuss the very real possibility of the renegade Abe infiltrating and shutting down the Brewery. Phleg is openly concerned with his own ongoing career, so when Aslik suggests placing SoulStorm Brewery on permanent lockdown, he gleefully agrees. Operation: Lightning Bolt is then implemented at FeeCo Depot, which barricades the SoulStorm Brewery platform behind three gates of electricity and secures the corridors leading to the platform with a heavy Slig and Greeter presence.

Despite these precautions, Abe is able to train-hop his way into Bonewerkz. On arrival he watches a Magog On the March broadcast where Phleg emotionally declares his career over, blaming Abe's destruction of Necrum Mines.

Abe possesses Phleg and orders one of the three electric gates to be deactivated. Phleg then spontaneously combusts once Abe de-possesses his body, effectively shutting down the bone production arm of the SoulStorm Brewery.


Memorable Quotes Edit

  • "I hate that Abe guy!"
  • "It ain't my fault! It's that Abe guy! First Rupture Farms, now Necrum Mines! There ain't no bones anywhere. No bones, no brew! I am totally screwed! My career is over, (cries) and it's all that blue bastard's fault!"
  • "Don't Think, Drink!"

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Director Phleg appeared in Munch's Oddysee as one of the pictured Glukkons in The Daily Deception, as shown in the "Lulu Fund Founded" cutscene. He is on the left of the picture, smiling along with the other Glukkons. While this initially appears to be a continuity error, as Phleg had died by this point of the story, the featured picture was apparently old and exempt from any royalties.[1]
  • Phleg (along with the Brewmaster) are two of the swearing Glukkons on Oddworld as both refer to Abe as a "blue bastard".


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