A Slig is at the security control panel controlling the main gates sleeping on the job as a possessed Director Phleg approaches the monitor

Phleg monitor

Director Phleg giving the order : "Disarm the Main Gates!"

Director Phleg: Hey! This is Director Phleg

Slig: (suddenly waking up) Yes sir!

Director Phleg: Disengage Operation: Lightning Bolt!

Slig: uh? wha?...

Director Phleg: Disarm the main gate!

Slig: Oh...

Director Phleg: DO IT YA IDIOT!

Slig: Oh, gotcha, umm umm, oh there it is

As the Slig is finding the right button, Phleg is about to explode as the possession wears off, as the right button is pressed he faces the camera (clearly breaking the 4th wall)

Slig: Orders is orders.

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