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Exit pads are found at the end of levels in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee that feature both Abe and Munch together. The pads have both their faces on it and once both stand together on the pad, they'll then be taken to the next level in the game. If an enemy or ally like a Slig or fellow Mudokon steps on the pads, they'll turn red, and Abe and Munch will not be able to go to the next level unless the enemy or ally walks off it. The pads are not always activated from the start, and have a requirement before they can be, usually through activating a Lulu Fund machine. Inactive ones are grey and don't have lights flashing around it. One level has an exit pad that'll instead take you to another area, with the real exit pads that you'll only be able to get to depending on your Quarma.

Levels where the pads are not activated from the startEdit

  • Mudokon Pens: 5 Mudokons at the chant circle.
  • The Mudokon Fortress: 5 Mudokons at the chant circles.
  • Meep Herder Village: Lulu Fund.
  • Brewery to Be: Lulu Fund.
  • Magog Motors: Lulu Fund.
  • No Muds Lund: Lever.
  • Boiler Room: Lulu Fund.
  • Splinterz Manufacturing: Lulu Fund.
  • Reservoir Row: Lever.
  • Flubco Executive Office: Lulu Fund.