This page has a collection of links to Oddworld related fan fiction. Please note that fan fiction is no longer allowed to be posted on this wiki. Places to post fan fiction are, the Oddworld Forums or the Oddworld Fanon Wiki. This page is only to be used for linking to your externaly posted fan fiction.

External LinksEdit

  • Finn's Story (Unfinished, cancelled)
  • Lily's Oddysee A fuzzle animal testing slave gains psychic mind-reading powers. (Unfinished, cancelled)
  • Splat Abe and Munch meet a hybrid vykker experiment named Splat. (Finished)
  • Amy Abe, Splat, Alf and Munch go on a quest to save a young mudokon queen named Amy. (Unfinished, cancelled, summary of unwritten conclusion given)
  • The Quest for the Orb A quest to restore freedom to Oddworld. (Unfinished, cancelled, summary of unwritten conclusion given)
  • The Despicable The story of four different characters - an intelligent slig, a power-hungry vykker and two mudokon experiments - is told in parts (Good quality, in progress)
  • Stock A short story regarding attendant female mudokons (short story, finished)
  • Shrown A group of criminal Sligs find themselves on the run after escaping Queen Skillya's birthing complex. Also inculdes a desperate Vykker and his dabblings in biocybernetics. (Finished)
  • The Madness Of Life After brutally murdering a rival attorney, Chad the Chronicler winds up in the Nut House, where not everything is quite what it seems. (In progress)
  • Journey A young Desert Mudokon finds himself alone amid the Borderlands after a Luskan raid lays waste to his village. (Short story, finished) by GlacierDragon aka Odd-Fiction

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