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This page is about the cutscene in Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus. For the location, see FeeCo Depot.
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FeeCo is the eighth cutscene in Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus.

Video Edit

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Transcript Edit

As, after healing the Mudokons that he brought with him from brew sickness and sending them home, Abe uses a pressure well to jump onto a manual rail cart which he moves towards FeeCo Depot, we zoom in onto the Magog Cartel logo and switch to a room similar to the Board Room in RuptureFarms, but with three different Glukkons.

Director Phleg is the one dressed best and is clearly the one in charge, Vice President Aslik is the one with the monocle, who though he is the lowest ranked, he is the most intelligent, the one in a military tunic with medals is General Dripik, who is clearly an embodiment of the contradiction of "military intelligence". We join them mid-conversation.

Director Phleg: "I HATE that Abe guy!"

General Dripik: "Mullock's a'gonna be pissed - first RuptureFarms, NOW Necrum Mines, if he ever comes back'a, we're screwed!"

Vice President Aslik: "Where you two see problems, I see opportunity, now it's MY...erm...OUR turn to take over!"

General Dripik: "Screw you, Aslik, you aint runnin' nothin'!"

Vice President Aslik: Now now, gentlegluks, let's not argue over who gets what...

Director Phleg: "HEY! I got a career to consider! What are we gonna do about it?! huh, WHAT?!?"

General Dripik: "I don't know..uh'a...panic?"

Vice President Aslik: NO, YOU IDIOT! We're gonna lock this place up so tight, that Abe guy'd have to be invisible to get in!

They all manically laugh in the traditional evil way as we switch to FeeCo Depot, Abe is clearly tired after moving the lever up and down to move the rail cart, he stops and sees a poster advertising Mudokon Pops, he stares at; it, but then the rail cart jerks and he falls off.

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