Feeco Depot Train

A standard design FeeCo Train

FeeCo Trains were one of the fastest form of transportation for the Magog Cartel. Whether speeding across parched wastelands, through primeval jungles, or directly through the living room of some poor fool who refused to give up his house, the train was the way to travel for Glukkons on the go, Mudokons in a box car, or that shipment of brew that absolutely, positively, needed to be there sooner-or-later. They were the sole property of FeeCo Depot until the hub station was destroyed by Abe the Mudokon terrorist which brought all of the trains to a screeching halt.

Design/Functions Edit

FeeCo Trains are coal/fossil-fuel powered monorails. The trains exterior design is modeled to resemble a Glukkon head. It's locomotion was often described as "looking like an upside down bug". The trains travel at speeds up to a hundred or more miles per hour. They are usually seen carrying cargo boxcars instead of passenger carts. The FeeCo Trains were mainly used to transport supplies and slaves instead of regular passengers which usually only included people that were within the inner circles of Glukkons and other upper-class members of society.

Gallery Edit

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