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A diminutive shooter outlaw, Floyd is wanted dead or alive for blocking and eventually destroying the trail that wagon trains took to get supplies to town. He is stationed in a canyon a short distance from Gizzard Gulch. Floyd orders his goons to block a wagon that was coming to town, which they do successfully with explosives. Floyd appears somewhere on a station with two guards as a Clakker walks under the bridge, and smashes the clakker by lowering the bridge. Stranger battles Floyd, eventually defeating him (after which his men take off if not already captured) and is tossed in jail or killed.

Floyd wields a rifle that shoots six bullets at once. He is considered one of the dirtiest outlaws. He is most likely based off real life Depression-era bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd.

Bounty Edit

Alive: $200

Dead: $100


Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

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