Fluoride Tanks is the 5th level in Munch's Oddysee. Munch continues traveling through the Sewers of Vykker's Labs while trying to find a way out. As he progresses, Spooce must be obtained top open up wells to progress, while avoiding Water Mines and Slogs. There's also Fuzzles to be saved throughout the level, though since the number of Interns increases at each area, it would be a better idea to have Munch take them out with his Zap Vendo before he saves the Fuzzles, as it gets tougher for Fuzzles to take out that many enemies at once, depending on numbers. Once Munch has gone through a door that requires 99 Spooce to open, The Shaman will tell him of a way to escape through the Poop Chute in one of the facility's lab areas. Munch must then take an Expresso to get past a number of Interns and Land Mines until he reaches a Warp Pad that'll take him to a well that'll blast him to another Warp Pad that'll take him to the Poop Chute in the next level.


  • First Level to feature Water Mines.
  • There is an alternate way to reach the Warp Pad that takes Munch to the Poop Chute in the next level, but since Munch won't be able to jump over that high, the Mines alternatively can blast him over.

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