Name: Flying Slig
Compatibility: Crawling Slig exclusive
Armament: Grenade Launcher
Rate of Fire: 30 RPM
Years Used: Unknown
Manufacturer: Vykker's Labs
Status: Active

A Flying Slig is a Slig that can fly. Instead of legs, this Slig is given an engine not unlike that of a helicopter rotor. They also receive different weapons than those of their ground-based brothers; they are equipped with grenade launchers. Less accurate than the machine guns but pack more punch. Due to the sub-standard intelligence of the Slig species they quite frequently blow themselves up with these said grenades. Abe used these floating monsters by possessing them and turning the grenades against other Sligs.

Prototype Harness Edit

Slig Flying

Flying Slig Cycle

The first prototype of the 'wings' were actually wing-like (As seen in the intro of Abe's Exoddus) not helicopter blades. Why this was changed was the old wings had many problems. Such as, the flying slig in the beginning of Exoddus had the older wings. He claims, "Something smells." before flying off, a few seconds later there is an explosion. The smell was the lubricant in the wings failing, the wings stopped moving, and the Slig crashed and exploded.

Behind The Scenes Edit


The concept art for the Flying Slig as it appears in The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants: The First Ten Years 1994 - 2004.

Originally, rather than simply launching explosive projectiles, the Flying Slig was going to carry what resembled a Concrete bomb in its hands or simply be equipped with a standard gun. This idea was later scrapped in favor of the invisible explosive "launcher" due to a possible lack of explanation to how the Slig would be able operate or steer the flying harness (which is now explained with the use of a joystick-like lever.

In Abe's Oddysee, a portion of Slig artwork depicted them sporting pilot-like masks but never appeared to be wearing them in-game or in cutscenes. The pilot mask was later retconned for Abe's Exoddus and used for the Flying Sligs in cutscenes as well as for their sprites in-game.

Gallery Edit

Appearances Edit

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