Fuel Fields is the 14th Level in Munch's Oddysee. Somewhere nearby is a facility known as Magog Motors, with a Glukkon to send into Bankruptcy, which Abe and Munch must find a way in. Once near a water section, Abe will have to run and quickly quickly across the platforms whilst avoiding the Sligs (alternatively Munch can get them out of the way with his Zap Vendo) until he reaches a bridge, since he's not able to go around the water just outside Magog Motors, which is being guarded by some Sligs, which Abe won't be able to possess as the area's also being patrolled by Chant suppressors. Further down, Abe will come across an area with 2 Tomahawkers, a Wheelchair for Munch, a Resurrection Totem, and a Transformation Shrine to upgrade Standard Mudokons into Tomahawkers. In that area there's also a field of Land Mines that Abe will need to jump over safely on the hanging platforms above to an area on the other side with more Sligs. In addition, Abe will also find a Bonepowder Keg to eliminate the Land Mines that he jumped across to send him back and get his allies to follow him over there quickly before the Land Mines regenerate (there's also more Tomahawkers standing on the Platforms that Abe jumped across). Another thing Abe will be able to find over there is another Transformation Shrine which he can use to upgrade Tomahawkers into even more powerful Gun Wielding Mudarchers, which can take out enemies from a distance. Once having taken care of some of the Sligs, Abe will find a lever which can open a door leading back to the bridge at the water area from earlier, and he can use the Mudarchers to eliminate the Sligs patrolling Magog Motors, as well as to have them use the Chant Circles to open the door in front of the facility to where the Exit Pads are to take him and Munch to the next level.


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