Fuzzle Testing is the 3rd Level in Munch's Oddysee. It's the first level where Munch is playable, who is notably quite slow and can't jump very well, in addition to being able to send a Blue Beam with his Sonar that doesn't really do anything, but he does use GameSpeak similar to Abe. At first Munch starts out by the Operating Chair that the Small Furry Fierce Creatures known as Fuzzles he saved in a cutscene helped him out of. In that same area, more Caged Fuzzles can be found, which can be released by zapping them with Munch's Sonar, and together they can take out an Intern standing by a lever. Pulling the lever will open up a door to a Bird Portal for Munch to save the Fuzzles through, which'll in addition give him 2 lots of Spooce per Fuzzle to gets saved. With that Spooce, he can open up a door needing 20 Spooce to open, where he meets The Shaman, who tells Munch about Quarma, that'll improve by saving Fuzzles, but worsens if he forgets to save any, or lets them die (the amount of Fuzzles in the level that need saving can be seen up on a Quarma Board on the walls). Then Munch will come across a Walkway being Patrolled by more Interns, with some more Caged Fuzzles. He can take out the Interns with his Sonar by Drinking a Zap Vendo (a better idea than using the Fuzzles to take them out, since it'll depend on how many Fuzzles do so, especially with that amount of Interns). At the end of the Walkway, Munch will find another Bird Portal to send the Fuzzles that he released through to be saved, then he'll find his escape route, the Sewers.


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