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General Store

General Store logo

The General Store is a simple, yet useful, location where currency can be used to buy items. The items that can be purchased are larger ammo bags, larger 'clip' sizes, live ammo and animal attractants. The prices aren't comparible to any other because, in fact, the General Store seems to be the only one who sells these items. Their stock changes constantly, so checking by frequently is reccomended. All the shops are run by t Clakkerz and also supply fruit and household commodities for the local residence. By the side of the counter there are fortune-telling devices. In the Gizzard Gulch General Store, your fortune shows battles further levels. The Buzzarton General Store also shows more future battles. In the New Yolk City General Store, it plays the final boss music and shows boss battles. This is a particularly strange and alluding device and gives you an insight into what you'll soon be facing.


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