SoulStorm Mining information regarding Ghost Traps

Ghost Traps
(also known as Spirit Locks) are industrial devices used to imprison Mudokon souls. Ghost Traps would imprison souls of the mudokons that died. When slapped and broken, the soul would leave to unlock the door to help Abe journey further. A general Spirit door has a number of souls from 1 to 4 once all the required are released the door open for Abe to enter.

Background Story - Before Abe's Exoddus

There is a possibility that the administration of SoulStorm Mining Co. , that owns Necrum Mines , created these Ghost Traps in order to prevent the danger Slig guards, Slogs and the industrial technology might be exposed to in the future. This type of locks are similar to a quarantine ones, SoulStorm administration being probably afraid of the outside world of wilderness or just to secure their new areas of future mining.

However, the inevitable happened. We really don't know what happened but we can presume that some industrialist creatures were killed in Mudomo Vaults, as we can see at the end of the level where Abe has to escape from paramites and fleeches

Despite the fact that the Mudomo Vaults was empty of industrialist creatures, remaining only their heavy structures, the Mudanchee Vaults remained the only exterior secured location of Necrum Mines administration; probably due to the fact that scrabs can be easily locked in their wilderness without making any industrial casualties.  

Besides the Mudomo and Mudanchee Vaults, some Ghost Traps can be seen in Slig Barracks too. It's hard to say that the door from Block 4 was locked due to a quarantine area. But, again, there might be a possibility, due to the fact that the area is filled with toxic gas.

Administration Advices

Throughout the jungle of Necrum, the SoulStorm administration created special information points where they advice the mudokon workers about their danger they will be exposed. However, entering the Mudomo Vaults and Mudanchee Vaults, the information points change from a forbidden stance, to a helpful one. Such examples can be found in the starting areas of those two Vaults:


Relevant information in how to open Tomb Doors

  • Rescue ringed spirits to get invisibility power. upon receiving power, use your invisible wise. Chant to dissapear...but nothing lasts forever... - Information regarding the power Abe will receive by destroying the Ghost Trap
  • Paramites can't eat what they can't see! Invisibility is your friend. Free ringed spirits, then chant to become invisible - Information regarding the advantage of destroying a Ghost Trap and posessing an Invisible Ring. 
  • Slap all Ghost Traps to release Spirit Locks and open Tomb Doors.
  • To release the tortured mudokon spirit, stand next to a Ghost Trap and slap it. The grateful spirits will unlock Spirit Locks and gradually open locked Tomb Doors. 

Background Story - Abe's Exoddus

After the destruction of Necrum Mines, Abe will force the locks of every important door that is in his way. We clearly see that Abe has two main purposes: 1. The main one in which he must free the important spirits of mudokons - by completing Mudomo Vaults and Mudanchee Vaults; 2. In his way he must free the minor spirits in order to pass from an area to another. 


  1. Mudomo Vaults 
  • Starting Area - 0 Ghost Traps
  • First Vault - 3 Ghost Traps

    Another information regarding the use of destroying Ghost Traps

  • Second Vault - 3 Ghost Traps
  • Third Vault - 3 Ghost Traps
  • Fourth Vault - 3 Ghost Traps
  • Fifth Vault - 1 Ghost Trap
  • Sixth Vault - 1 Ghost Traps
  • Main Vault - 1 Ghost Trap
2. Mudanchee Vaults
  • Starting Area - 6 Ghost Traps
  • First Vault - 2 Ghost Traps
  • Second Vault - 1 Ghost Trap
  • Third Vault - 4 Ghost Traps
  • Fourth Vault - 2 Ghost Traps
  • Fifth Vault - 1 Ghost Trap
  • Sixth Vault - 2 Ghost Traps
  • Main Vault - 4 Ghost Traps
3. Slig Barracks 
  • Block 4 - 3 Ghost Traps



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