Faction Industrial
Class Unknown
Family Octigi
Homeland Mudos
Role Aquatic Wildlife
Conservation Status Least Concern

The Gloktigi is large squid-like species. They are a part of the Octigi family. The Oktigi, Mr. Sekto used two cybernetic enhanced Gloktigi in a failed attempt to defeat the Stranger in Stranger's Wrath.

Anatomy and Physiology Edit


A render of a Gloktigi

The Gloktigi are large, slate gray skinned, aquatic creatures that are known to inhabit various aquatic locations in Oddworld (most notably Western Mudos). Their bodies consists of a pair of large arms each of which feature three long claws. The head takes up a majority of the Gloktigi's body. The head of the Gloktigi consists of a large cranium with a small curled tail, a small pair of ruby/crimson eyes, as well as six tentacle-like mandibles protruding from its mouth. The Gloktigi as well as every known member of the Octigi family possess massive sack-like craniums which contain a majority of their vital organs along with their fairly massive brains. The physical immensity of their brains display their mental prowess above other life forms that they encounter. By instinct, the Gloktigi use their long claws to both traverse on surfaces and to attack predators and prey.

They are able to spit out a luminous web capable of wrapping itself around a victim like a Bolamite before climbing onto the victim and impaling them with its large claws. Gloktigi can also use a transversal power to shift across the world in a spectral form much like a ghost.

Appearances Edit