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Glukkon stages

Glukkon Status Pyramid

Note: The Glukkon Status is not an offical Oddworld Inhabitants diagram. It is only used as an example for Glukkon status.

The Glukkon Status Pyramid is a pyramid-like diagram to show a Glukkon's status. At the bottom of the pyramid is where Pud goes, whereas GlockStar at the top.


Pud is the lowest rank in the Glukkon Status Pyramid for Glukkons. They Normally wear cheap clothes. The only Pud known by name is the former GlockStar Lulu. Puds often are Meep Farmers (A.K.A. Meep chopper uppers). In Munch's Oddysee, you possess a Pud in Meep Herder Village

Chumps are the second lowest rank on the Glukkon Status Pyramid. Chumps own small businesses such as small breweries or meat chopping facilities. There are no known chumps at this point in time.

Wanna-Be's are the middle rank of the Glukkon Status Pyramid. They are wealthy buisness owners, but it's not wealthy enough for greedy Glukkons. They are not wealthy enough to buy lots of larger cigars, but can buy enough small cigars and still have enough to buy fancy suits. They try to imitate Big Cheese Glukkons.

Big Cheese is only one rank under the highest rank on the Glukkon Status Pyramid, the Glockstar. Big Cheese glukkons normally wears expensive suits and smoke rather large cigars. A Big Cheese would normally own a very large buisness, such as Mullock, who owned RuptureFarms.

Glockstar is the highest rank on the Glukkon Status Pyramid. They are known to be among the richest Glukkons in Oddworld. To become a Glockstar, a Glukkon must compile a sum of three million Moolah. Glockstars are also the most fashionable of all the Glukkons in the pyramid.

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