Gorman Disenza is a viral disease that effects only the extremely rich. The cure is not yet known but is said to emerge from Gabbit blood. Not much research has been done to futher study GD, and therefore there is a limited amount of information about it. [1]


The symtoms for Gorman Disenza are not yet known, but the disease is claimed to be fatal.


Gorman Disenza affects only the extremely rich, such as financial elitists and powerful business people. The disease is said to emerge from Gabbit blood, and therefore Gabbits have been experimented to futher understand the disease.


Being that is there is no cure, the only way to temporarily halt the disease is by cryogenically freezing the infected person. Lady Margaret's grandmother is a sufferer of the disease, and is said to have been frozen for more than one hundred years.


Research funded by Lady Margaret's grandmother's funds to further study the disease on Gabbits. Being that Gabbits are now near extinction, the research has been halted.


[1]Oddworld Library 'Gorman Disenza'

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