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Heavy slig armor is stronger than Standard slig armor, and is only seen on the Armoured Sligs. Heavy slig armor is used in conjunction with heightened security, and/or vital installations or factories on Oddworld; such locations mainly being ones that are normally concealed from the normal populous; i.e. where you do not go if you wish to keep your legs. In addition, this special, tougher armor is extremely rare; it is only encountered a handful of times throughout Oddworld. This stronger armor is formed through the fusion of hardened bronze and toughened brass-aluminum, and sligs wearing this armor are equipped with an upgraded T2 fully automatic, which has a far faster rate of fire than almost any other weapon. This being said, the slig in possession will also gain the third highest rank of sligs in general, the only higher-ups being Big-Bros and Armored Big-Bros.

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