Stranger's Wrath Intro

A Bolamite crawls up a Grubb gravestone that say's: Cry not for us, the Waters will rise. A rock is flung at the Bolamite. It falls of the gravestone, knocked out. A Fuzzle gets ready to eat it. A rock is flung at the Fuzzle too. A hand grabs the two creatures. The Bolamite is put into an unseen bag, while the Fuzzle gets put into a bag full of whimpering Fuzzles.

Fuzzles are shot along a hole. Then a mysterious Stranger puts branches to cover the hole.

Stranger comes up to a graveyard and spits. A group of Grubbs look at a fish that they have caught with pity. Then they smell something familiar. Stranger bursts through frightening the Grubbs. Then they smell something else. All of a sudden Blisterz Booty barges through, stops and fires his shotgun, misses, then chases after Stranger. Then Stranger gets Blisterz by surprise with his trap.

The Fuzzles attack him. Blisterz runs around trying to get them off, he breaks the branches covering the hole and falls through. Then Stranger shoots Blisterz with a Bolamite. Blisterz Booty is caught in a webbing, hits the ground and gasps. Then Stranger lands on his feet in front of Blisterz.

  • Blisterz Booty: You jerk! You broke my favorite rifle!

Stranger picks up the rifle and smells it.

  • Stranger: Never liked guns.

Stranger breaks the rifle in half.

  • Blisterz Booty: Now why do have to do that!

Stranger pulls out a wanted poster of Blisterz and aims his crossbow at Blisterz, which has a rock and Blisterz panics.

  • Blisterz Booty: Now look, there's no need to, no!

Stranger shoots the crossbow.

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