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Jo Mamma
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
Name Jo Mamma
Gender Female
Species Outlaw
Role Antagonist
Status Determinant
Jo Mamma is an Outlaw who appears in Stranger's Wrath.

Jo is the mother to a large number of outlaws fought throughout the game. Her boys seem to love her and feel devoted to her, but she is an abusive, careless parent, particularly when it comes to operating large machinery around her children. It is possible that most outlaws are her offspring because an alarming number of them in the game will shout out, "This is for Mamma!" when battling Stranger.

Bounty Edit

Alive: $800

Dead: $400



  • In the X-Box version of Stranger's Wrath, Jo Mamma sounds exactly like the other Outlaws. But in the HD remake, Jo has a digitally altered voice.
  • Jo' Mamma is the only female antagonist within the Oddworld series to be shown on screen.

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