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Labor Egg Crates consist of unborn Mudokons found in Vykker's Labs to be hatched into slaves by the Magog Cartel. Though mentioned in a few Cutscenes, they don't appear until the game's last 3 levels. Like Fuzzles and Mudokon Scrubs, saving them affects your Quarma. Unlike Fuzzles and Scrubs though, Labor Eggs are not saved through Bird Portals, but instead by tossing them into a Blue Disposal Shoot with either Abe or by using a Crane. Not tossing the Labor Egg Crates into the Disposal Shoot accurately will cause them to break into pieces, and affect your Quarma. If Abe or Munch jump in, it'll kill them instantly like when falling off the edge in some of the Outdoor Levels, leaving them to have to be revived through a Resurrection Egg, but it can also be used to kill enemies by tossing them in.

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