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The Looten Duke is a fairly large Outlaw with a gatling gun who occupied the Gizzard Gulch Water Facility along with his gang, and was taxing the town into the ground in exchange for the most precious of liquids. Stranger brings him and his gang in, freeing the Water Facility for the Clakkerz. The name Looten Duke implies that his speciality is thievery. If so, it is possible that the large stash of treasure scattered about inside the explorable water tower behind the Water Facility plant is made up of various acts of theft on The Looten Duke's part.

He is terrified of being in jail (again) with Blisterz Booty for an unspecified reason, and Stranger taunts him with this when confronting him. Whatever the reason, it is implied to be extremely humiliating.

In the event that he is captured alive and put in the prison cell in town, he states that he urinated in the town's water supply.

 Bounty Edit

Alive: $600

Dead: $200