Magog Motors is the 15th Level in Munch's Oddysee, set in the Industry with the same name. Abe and Munch must send the Glukkon to donate all his Moolah into the Lulu Fund, as usual. There are 2 ways of completing the level.

1 way is running across the Bridge to the Exit Pads, while being fired at by patrolling Big-Bro Sligs, and avoiding Land Mines and Exploding TNT Crates. This method however can be a bit riskful, since there's no Expresso, though there is a Wheelchair that Munch can use.

The easier way is for Munch to take out the Big-Bro Sligs with a Zap and Aqua Bounce Vendo, which include pulling a lever on one of the Patrol Points to open up a door for Abe to progress through. An alternate method to taking out the Big-Bro Sligs can be having Abe possess a Slig on the Upper Section to take them out, or have Abe toss Bonepowder Kegs at them from above. Abe whilst at the Upper Section can gather up all the Scrubs and guide them to the Bird Portal located right by the Exit Pads, though he will need to use Bonepowder Keys to eliminate the TNT Crates blocking his path.

Since the Exit Pads are inactive at first, Abe will need to go up a ladder that only he can reach and possess the Glukkon to donate all his Moolah over to Lulu.


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