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A shooter Minion

Minions are the main work force of the outlaw bosses, and a subclass of the Outlaw race themselves. There are eight different types of minions: shooters that have common guns that double as pick axes, cutters that carry only brass blades, nailers that wear complete body armor and have spiky brass gauntlets, mortars that fire with a large cannon on their back, snipers that shoot at you with great acurracy, suicide bombers that run at you covered in H4D bombs, semi autos that are mechanically upgraded minions that fire very fast, flamers that are also mechanically built and are heavily armored and have a flamethrower, and an extra type called a hunter, that can only be found in the Mongo Forest, wearing infra-red goggles. These outlaws are not particularly smart and like all the other outlaws, make stupid mistakes. This is evident when Stranger spots two minions near a windmill, as they activate the wrong button and they're both killed.

Notable Minions Edit

  • Cleever McMince
  • Nilsworth "Pokey" O'shafter
  • Tiny
  • Mortimer Bang
  • Shorty
  • Snapps Manic
  • Gunter "Sparky" Von Fahrenheiten