One Moolah coin

Moolah (also known as M) is Oddworld's standard currency. It comes in two forms. Gold coins and paper dollars. While mainly used by Industrial races, some Natives use it too, given its high value.


Moolah is the widely used currency on Oddworld. It was invented by Glukkons with images of them on it. Even races who despise Glukkons, still use their currency because of its high value. Needless to say it is the most valuable source of currency to every race on Mudos.

Comparison To World CurrencyEdit

Moolah seems to be worth somewhat more than most real world currencies as it's seen in Munch's Oddysee that not even the richest Glukkons (with the exception of Lulu who robbed many of them with Abe and Latamire Munch) own as much as 3 million moolah. A rumor that is little known is that the richest glukkon was Molluck, whether he still has the money or not is not known.

Collecting in Stranger's WrathEdit

Outlaws drop bags of Moolah when killed, although if you can capture them alive, then you can get bonus Moolah when the mission is complete. The stronger the kind of outlaw, the more amount of Moolah that is dropped or received. Naturally, the bosses give out a much higher Moolah payment then their lower class counterparts.

Moolah 50

A print for 50 Moolah

You can also gain Moolah from the townspeople, from either hitting them with ammo, or hitting them with your fists. However if you hit too many of the townspeople, they will flee into their houses shortly before shooting at you through the windows. When this happens, you can either run out of town, or avoid their bullets until they try and come to a compromise.


  • Moolah is the slang term for real-world, Money.
  • In Stranger's Wrath, it is possible to save up 20,000 Moolah before Doc is killed, but this is not canon and does not affect the story at all.
  • The total of all the Moolah in Mudos is unknown.
  • In Munch's Oddysee, Humphrey plants a sonar beacon inside Munch's head in an attempt to bring back captured critters to save time and continue on his research with Irwin to "make more Moolah". Later in the game, Abe possesses various Glukkons to donate Moolah to the Lulu Fund.
  • In Stranger's Wrath, Stranger must collect twenty thousand Moolah in order to get an operation which he supposedly "needs to survive"