The ancient symbol of Mudomo Vaults

The Mudomo Vaults are located in the western area of Necrum.

Background Edit

The Paramites were sacred animals to a group of Mudokons known as Mudomo tribe. The Mudomo constructed the Mudomo Vaults as a final resting place for their dead. To repay the Mudomo for years of worship and reverence, the Paramites vowed to become the eternal guardians of the vaults long after the extinction of the Mudomo.

Exterior Edit

The exterior of the Mudomo Vaults can be easily recognized by its massive temple-like Mudokon architecture. The foundation of the vaults are completely enshrouded by vegetation. The interior of the structure can only be accessed via air chute.

Interior Edit


Mudomo Vaults construction plan as seen later in game

The interior of the Mudomo Vaults was at one time similar to that of the Necrum Elder Burial Hall. However, over time, the Paramites that inhabit the vaults remodeled the interior architecture making it appear more like a cavern than a tomb. With the exception of the walls that surround the vaults, the interior is strewn with skeletons (both Paramite and Mudokon) and masses of Paramite silk webs that hardened and warped into both stalactites and stalagmites. Occasionally, portions of the original Mudokon architecture can be found protruding from the masses of bones and silk.

Another perspective - Introduction tips Edit


Short brief of Paramite as seen in game

At the moment when Abe enters into the Mudomo Vaults, he will find different information about Paramites such as: what are they, what they eat (their "diet" as seen in game) advices how to avoid them, how to posses them or even funny tips who will help the player understand more easily how things work in the Mudomo Vault.  

Examples can be seen in the Gallery section below.

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Abe's Exoddus Soundtrack - Mudomo Vaults

Abe's Exoddus Soundtrack - Mudomo Vaults

The music track played while inside of the Vaults

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