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Oddworld map
A map displaying a portion of the explored areas of Mudos.
Rupture FarmsAdded by Rupture Farms

Mudos is the continent upon which all the Oddworld games take place. Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exoddus and Munch's Oddysee take place in Eastern Mudos, while Stranger's Wrath occurs shortly after Munch's Oddysee in Western Mudos. There are other continents, as a concept art map of Oddworld has shown, but these continents have not yet been explored.

The continent of Mudos is the homeland of the Mudokons, Gabbits, Glukkons, Steef, and Grubb races. The Mudokons and Glukkons are native to East Mudos while the Steef and Grubs call West Mudos home. The Gabbits hail from the ocean surrounding Mudos although they spawn in West Mudos. Currently much of Mudos is under Industrial control and its ecosystems and environments are being ravaged by the foreign Industrial settlers with the natives being killed off or enslaved.

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