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Oddworld map

A map displaying a portion of the explored areas of Mudos.

Mudos is a continent on the planet of Oddworld, and it is also where all the Oddworld games take place. Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exoddus and Munch's Oddysee take place in Eastern Mudos, while Stranger's Wrath occurs shortly after Munch's Oddysee in Western Mudos. There are other continents, as a concept art map of Oddworld has shown, but these continents have not yet been explored.

Eastern Mudos Edit

Eastern Mudos is where Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exoddus and Munch's Oddysee take place. It is the native homeland to the Mudokons, a race of tribalistic birdlike peoples, and the Glukkons, an industrialized people driven by greed and technological advancement. Eastern Mudos is where large industrial cities are found. These cities were built and controlled by the Glukkons. The industriousness of the Glukkons has left a devastating mark on Eastern Mudos, both in the environments they pollute and the species that they endanger, or even drive to extinction. They rule the East just for success and Moolah and don't care for anyone or anything else. Outside of these cities live the Mudokons, where they have built large temples and great villages. The Mudokon ecosystems of desert and jungle are a far cry from the urban sprawl of Glukkon civilization. Thanks to the actions of Abe, the Mudokon "Messiah," more Mudokons are escaping Glukkon servitude and are returning to their homelands.

Western Mudos Edit

Western Mudos is very similar to the geography of Eastern Mudos. Most of it is encompassed by the Mongo River, which turns into a Valley. Northern reaches of the river are cold and snowy; the middle lands are temperate and covered with forests, and the southern portions are dry and desert like. The Steef, GrubbClakker, and Outlaw peoples are native to Western Mudos, where most make it as farmers and trappers. The West also has a different political structure compared to the East. While the East has an abundance of evil Octigi leaders who promote slavery and dictatorship, the west has always had smaller governments usually consisting of a town major. Recently, however, the Mongo River has been given a taste of the East by a Octigi named Sekto, who took control of the river and extorted its resources from the native Grubbs. But, with the arrival of the Stranger at the start of Stranger's Wrath, the West has been freed of Sekto's tyranny. The West is relatively more lawless, considering Outlaws roam the countryside making life as miserable and dangerous as possible. The Clakkers make due in colonizing the land by chopping and digging up the environment, and the peaceful Grubbs and Steefs are left to only watch.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Mudos is a slightly tweaked version of the word Modos, which is an anagram for Sodom, a city mentioned in various religious texts such as the Bible and the Qur-an[1].

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