Mulletokon mudokon

The Mulletokon were a tribe of Ancient Mudokons.

Background Edit

The Mulletokon tribe were an ancient tribe of Mudokons that inhabited Mudos' deep south. They were a partying tribe, readily partaking in festivities, and had a passion for fashion. The Mulletokon would use berries to stylise their hair so that their front feathers would remain short, whilst the ones on the back of their head would remain long.

They were known to domesticate Slogs and kept them as pets. Some sources claim that the Mulletokon's drunkard thirst for brew led to the neglect of their pets, which in turn made Slogs the unfriendly, ill temptered creatures they are today[1]; whilst others claim it was the invasion of Glukkon forces that led to the pets' abandonment and neglect [2].

Areas Inhabited by the MulletokonEdit

The Mulletokon were known to inhabit the deep Mudos' deep south. An area not yet readily explored.

Trivia Edit

  • Their name contains the real world word, Mullet, a stereotypical haircut of the deep south.

References Edit


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