Necrum Elder Burial Hall

The interior of the Elder Burial Hall.

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The Necrum Elder Burial Hall is a large circular crypt in which highly revered Mudokon elders were laid to rest. The most notable of the Halls occupants are The Three Weirdos.

Location Edit

Located deep within the jungles of Necrum, the Elder Burial Hall is situated on top of a large tree like most Mudokon structures. The Burial Hall can only be entered after lighting all of the torches surrounding the Burial Halls metal vault. The torches can only be lit via completing obstacles to activate beacons.

Interior Edit

The inner sanctum of the Elder Burial Hall is a large dimly lit rotunda. The walls of the Burial Hall are lined with Mudokon skeletons which lay at the feet of a series of sarcophagi built into the walls which contain the bodies of the Elders. The locked door located across from the entranceway leads to a walkway leading to the Mudomo Vaults and Mudanchee Vaults.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that the Mudokons followed traditions similar to that of the ancient Egyptians in which royalty was buried with their servants and valuable possessions.
  • The glyphs seen lining the supports above the doors are the same as those seen on the main menu screen, and throughout Necrum's story stones.

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