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This page is about the level in Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty. For the location, see Paramonia.

Paramonia is the fourth/fifth (depending on the player's choice) level in Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty.

Summary Edit

Paramonia is a forest in which Paramites reside. Sligs showed up in the forest to capture the paramites to turn them in Paramite Pies.

Walkthrough Edit

Go right and sneak up to the mine near the guard. Get a rock and throw it at the mines across the gap. Pull the lever and then jump up to use the bell and get Elum. Climb on and then jump across. You want a continuous motion here so get on Elum and keep running and jumping until you reach the end. Jump across and say "Hi" to the guard and mimic him to get the pulley. Pull up and get a rock, then throw it at the mine near the sleeping Slig. Go across and pull yourself up. Deactivate the mine and then throw a rock at the bee hive to get Elum to stop eating honey. Then mount him and ride him across. Jump across and then climb up and jump into the chute. On the platform, possess the slig and go down and kill the other one. Then drop the slig on the mines. Go down and use the lever and lower the elevator. Pull it and get Elum and then head to the top. Ride Elum all the way to the other side.

Mount Elum and ride to the left while avoiding the mines. You are blocked from proceeding any further. Jump and crouch while crossing the mines and keep yourself crouched near the firing wall except right when you have to jump over the mines. Climb up and run past the slogs. Lower the elevator for Elum and then ride to the next area.

Go down the pulley with Elum and then jump into the chute. Jump into the left chute and use the lever. Jump into the right one now and get a rock and throw it at the mines. Go pull the other lever and then jump into the left chute and get the password. Go back to the guard and give him the password and he will lower the elevator. Go up and down the other elevator and possess the slig on top to kill the other two. Ride Elum across to the other side.

Leave Elum and climb up the platform. Possess a Slig to kill the others and then enter the temple.

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