Abe braves the sacred Paramite nesting grounds

Goals Edit

  • Escape the Paramite nesting grounds

Walkthrough Edit

This level takes place entirely in the shadows. You can however scout the area by hopping in the well and appearing in the lit background. You can get a sneak preview of things to come, but there is simply no substitute for just "doing it". You may die a few times but that's why they give you unlimited lives. You can try to memorize the following, but it will probably confuse you more than help you. Ready......set......GO!

Ride the elevator up and run and jump to the left ledge immediately. Turn and jump and run to the right as Paramites close in from all directions. On the next screen jump the trap door as it opens and jump to the ground then back up to the ledge on the right. You're safe for the moment so when you calm down you can climb up.

Two Paramites drop down on you so climb down and hang and the Paramites will run off the edge in a rabid frenzy. Climb back up and jump to the left ledge then jump back to the right ledge and climb up to the next screen. Roll under the stone blocking your way then turn and pull yourself up to the ledge above. Oops! More attacking Paramites - lower and hang as they run off the edge too, then pull up and continue to the left. Roll under the barrier and continue running.

Run and jump over the gap and onto the left ledge and keep running as more Paramites descend from above. Continue running and drop and roll under the barriers then jump down to the left. The next Paramite will actually run away so chase him into the next room and jump to the ledge on the left and jump into the well before any of the Paramites on this screen come to their senses and eat you.

Calm down and grab some meat (2 pieces) before jumping into the right well. When you appear throw BOTH pieces of meat to the right and jump down and enter the door. Chant to open the bird portal. Enjoy the movie and your cool new tattoo. When you are back to the jungle world of Monsaic Awakenings you can retrace your steps back to the screen with the two wells and hop in the right well to enter Scrabania.
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