Possession is the ability that Abe uses to control other beings, whether natural or industrialist.

Abe's Oddysee & Abe's ExoddusEdit


A slig being possessed by Abe.

When Abe was possessing a creature, the chant would automatically hone in on the target. When you de-possess a Slig (and occasionally slogs), the creature would explode. (in the case of Lulu in the Good Ending of Munch's Oddysee, he left him alive because it would arouse suspicion) When you de-possess anything else, it merely goes back to its usual habits. (partly because Paramites and Scrabs are sacred animals)

Munch's OddyseeEdit

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Abe creates a possession orb through spooce, which you manually direct towards the enemy you wish to control, though they're incapable of jumping. Gamespeak Commands for Possessed Enemies this time around are more so insults to other enemies, that'll get them to attack. Munch also has the ability to possess machinery such as cranes and snoozers. The Possession Orb was used as a solution to handle the Possess Ability in a 3D Environment, after the developer's failed to have it work like the Previous Games.[1] Abe is not able to use the orb until he unites with Munch in the 7th level.

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