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Quarma is the Mudokon name for Karma, mainly featured in Munch's Oddysee but used in prior games without being named. How much positive or negative quarma Abe and Munch have depends on their actions.  Positive quarma is acquired for saving Mudokon Scrubs, egg crates, and Fuzzles. Negative quarma is acquired for killing them. The game ending depends on the quarma score at the end of the game.

Abe's Oddysee/ExoddusEdit

In Abe's Oddysee and Exodus, Quarma was never named, but the number of mudokons rescued at the end of the game affected the ending.

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Munch's Oddysee Edit


Good Quarma icon as depicted in Munch's Oddysee


Bad Quarma icon as depicted in Munch's Oddysee

In Munch's Oddysee, quarma is given a name and a more specific score bar. Quarma is displayed in the form of a ring above either Munch's or Abe's head. The ring will be a straight gold circle if quarma is positive. It will turn to a jagged red circle if quarma is negative. If quarma is neutral, it will be an orange jagged halo. It is also represented on the score bar with icons.

It's possible quarma was added by the developers because there were many different species to rescue, or because they wanted to have killing a Scrub/Fuzzle/Labor Egg Crate be separate and worse from simply not rescuing them.

If the player completes The Loading Dock level with less than 50% quarma, the game will end with the bad ending without the player getting to play the final two levels.

Some of the Daily Deceptions and Messages from The Shaman vary based on the player's quarma (a good way to tell which ending you're heading for/if it's more or less than 50%).

See: Munch's Oddysee Good Ending and Munch's Oddysee Bad Ending

Stranger's Wrath Edit

In Stranger's Wrath there was only one ending and there was no aspect of quarma present in the game. Dear Alf states this is because Stranger never rescued anyone like Abe and Munch, and the creatures he killed wouldn't affect his quarma. Due to his destruction of the dam which benefits native Grubbs, Alf states it can be considered he has good quarma.