Quarma Boards are found in levels that make use of the Player's Quarma in Munch's Oddysee, 15/25 levels have them. In addition to listing the industry Abe and Munch are in, it lists how many Fuzzles, Scrubs and Labor Egg Crates there are that need saving in the level, as how many enemies there are: Security qualifies for Sligs, Big-Bro Sligs, and Interns, whilst Managers qualify for Glukkons and Vykkers. If an enemy or what needs saving in the level is killed, then the numbers on the Active Column will increase, allowing the Retired Column to increase. Fuzzles, Scrubs and Labor Egg Crates have an extra column that says Escaped, which will increase by saving them through Bird Portals and Disposal Chutes respectively.


  • The Manager Row appears in all levels even if there are no Glukkons in the level to send into bankruptcy.

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